Art & Emotion

The colors, strokes, and placement of images on every painting have been meticulously chosen to emote something, so that when you see it you have a reaction. Perhaps it’s something you can relate to, perhaps it’s something confusing. In all cases the artist’s intention is for you to think about her work and feel something towards it.

Abstractly Obvious

Artwork comes in a range of styles from hyper-realistic to completely abstract. Kristina plays around with many different types of painting and drawing. Her art always tries to convey something to the viewer, and she hopes that even though her art may be abstract or strange, her viewers will immediately get a feeling from her art.

Saving the Planet One Canvas at a Time

Kristina often uses recycled canvases – those purchased at a garage sale or estate sale that have already been painted upon. Instead of going in the trash (or remaining the same, old pictures that no one wanted) she covers the canvases with new layers of paint, revitalizing the old all while reducing waste.

View some of her art images here or here and decide what you think about her process. She has experience in various art and vendor shows, helping her be a well-rounded artist.

If you see something you like, be sure to email  kristinahemmerlingart@gmail.com for pricing or to request a commissioned artwork!


She also has a creative writing blog because she likes to write. So check it out and tell her what you think.

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