It’s All About Color

Over the years, I’ve come to accept my art (while hosting undertones of emotions) is all about the color. I love color. Each brush stroke is meticulously chosen to compliment the colors around it.

Sometimes I the focus is to emote something, so that when you see it you have a reaction. Perhaps it’s something you can relate to, perhaps it’s something confusing. But most of the time, my intention is to make sometime appealing to my sense of aesthetics.

Abstract Landscapes

Artwork comes in a range of styles from hyper-realistic to completely abstract, but these days I focus on abstract landscapes with a somewhat surrealist tilt.

Saving the Planet One Canvas at a Time

I often uses recycled canvases – those purchased at a garage sale or estate sale that have already been painted upon. Instead of going in the trash (or remaining the same, old pictures that no one wanted) I cover the canvases with new layers of paint, revitalizing the old all while reducing waste.

Take a Look

View some art here or here and decide what you think! I have experience in various art and vendor shows and am always up to do more.


If you see something you like, be sure to email  kristinahemmerlingart@gmail.com for pricing or to request a commissioned artwork!


You can also take a look at this creative writing blog because sometimes it gets updated with short stories and poems and stuff.

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  1. Hi Kristina.
    I’ve just bought a piece which I rather hope is one of yours in a gallery in England. I wonder if I could send a photo & see if it is yours please?


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