Selling (Or Not)

A week after the craft fair. It went fine. I made some money but didn’t sell any paintings. Some people looked at them and admired them, though. So that was cool at least.

It’s a little sad no one bought my art. That’s really why I was there, but it was a craft fair after all. Who looks for “fine art” at a craft fair? Probably no one, or almost no one. So I get it. But I just really want to sell my art.

And that’s a big step for me. When I first started painting I never wanted to sell anything. I couldn’t imagine parting with my paintings that I spent so much time creating. But then I sold my first painting and I got over it. It actually instilled in me the desire to sell instead of horde my art and keep it all to myself. I love my art and I want other people to love it too. Which is why it’s sad when people didn’t buy it and continue to not buy it. I should probably create an Etsy account.

Anyway, I’m not too disappointed though. I’d still like to go to another craft fair, preferably one with some more foot traffic. I was there five hours and there were a tops of 100 people who showed up to the fair as a whole, not even my booth. So if there are more people attending there is a higher chance of me selling things, hopefully a painting or two included.

But it was good experience and definitely not a waste of time. I almost did another this weekend as well, but I had to get a sales tax license thing and I didn’t have time to do that with the holiday so I missed out. And I heard it’s a good one to sell at. But hopefully there will be more where I can sell everything.

In other news, my aunt just taught me hour to real knit instead of arm knit, so I’m excited. It takes a lot longer than arm knitting, as well as more concentration. I’ll let everyone know how it goes when I’m done.


Craft Fairs

This Sunday marks my first ever craft fair as a vendor. I will be participating in the In the Dome Fall Fair Holiday Shopping Bazaar. It’s inside one of those strange dome buildings, hence the name, and I think it will be fun.

I have a few art shows under my belt, but I’ve never participated in a craft fair before. Oil paintings generally don’t come to mind when you think craft fair, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’m also going to be selling scarves, a few ceramics, and some cards I made out of handmade paper.

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Release/It Is In You/My first sale

As a senior art major at Saint Joseph’s College one must take Senior Portfolio. This involves a decent amount of reading and planning as well as art making. The main point is to create one cohesive group of works to put into a (semi) solo senior art show at the end of the year. Bonnie Zimmer, my instructor for the course, really stressed having a solid theme or context for all of the works.

After a lot of work in my sketch book I came up with my idea- feelings. Sounds basic, but there’s more to it. Art (to me) is about feelings. How a painter feels while he’s painting, how a viewer feels while she’s viewing, and all the feelings that come before and after. All of these feelings work together to create the art piece. The artist has an intent for a painting but leaves her work open to interpretation by a viewer who just had a really bad day or just received really good news or whatever. And all of this is combined to create what everyone thinks of the artwork.

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Trying To Stand Out

This is my first oil painting ever. I feel like you can tell it's not the most well-done thing ever, but I still enjoy it and what I was able to do with the new paint.
Trying to Stand Out, oil over acrylic on canvas

As mentioned in my post Painting, the painting above is called Trying to Stand Out and was my first oil painting that I did alone without direction during the process. It’s actually painted over an acrylic underpainting that had been meant for a different painting entirely. (The other painting got changed from a 3 canvas work to 2 canvases, so I had an extra).

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As a child I did not like to paint. All I used was watercolor and I was terrible at it. I used too much water, the colors bled into each other, and everything turned brown. I always ended up frustrated and disappointed in what I’d done, a sad thing for someone who enjoyed art as much as I did growing up.

I wanted to be an artist. I didn’t know what that meant, but if I got to draw all day then I was set. Fifth grade art class was what set that in stone for me. I got selected for an extra, special class that only fifteen or so students were selected to participate in. We got to leave regular class and design our own nesting dolls. And I was chosen. I was never chosen for anything, let alone my art skills. It made me feel special and talented. It made me want to make more art.

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