Trying To Stand Out

This is my first oil painting ever. I feel like you can tell it's not the most well-done thing ever, but I still enjoy it and what I was able to do with the new paint.
Trying to Stand Out, oil over acrylic on canvas

As mentioned in my post Painting, the painting above is called Trying to Stand Out and was my first oil painting that I did alone without direction during the process. It’s actually painted over an acrylic underpainting that had been meant for a different painting entirely. (The other painting got changed from a 3 canvas work to 2 canvases, so I had an extra).



No Longer Afraid
No Longer Afraid, acrylic on canvas (other painting)

I was really nervous the whole time I worked on Trying to Stand Out because I thought I was doing it wrong. I wasn’t used to waiting for paint to dry. This led to colors remaining darker than expected because instead of covering each other they were mixing.

Eventually (as you can see from the yellow and blue parts) I figured out the whole waiting thing, but it wasn’t fun. I wanted my painting to dry quickly so I could get it done quickly. All intuition in a speedy process.

My views on this have completely changed. I love oil paint. I love how long it dries and the way it smells and how it looks when you’re done. Oil paint is my new love.

But it took time to get there. A lot of time, probably at least a year. My process is still similar to how it used to be- all intuition- but now I get to take my time. I go back to a painting over a series of days or weeks and wait until it’s perfect, until my eyes can no longer see things I need to add.

Even though I didn’t like waiting at first, I think using oil paint has helped me to become a better painter. A more patient painter at least.



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