Craft Fairs

This Sunday marks my first ever craft fair as a vendor. I will be participating in the In the Dome Fall Fair Holiday Shopping Bazaar. It’s inside one of those strange dome buildings, hence the name, and I think it will be fun.

I have a few art shows under my belt, but I’ve never participated in a craft fair before. Oil paintings generally don’t come to mind when you think craft fair, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’m also going to be selling scarves, a few ceramics, and some cards I made out of handmade paper.

I’m pretty excited. At the art shows I’ve done I’ve never had huge sales. I’m more optimistic about the craft fair life. Scarves will hopefully be a good seller since it’s holiday season and so cold out, but I’m also thinking I can sell some paintings. I’m keeping the prices rather low- a mixed bag. I want to sell them, so I want them to be affordable. At the same time, I don’t want them to come off as cheap for being lower priced. It’s a hard balance to find, but I’m not bringing anything over 20″ by 24″ so I think all will be well.

My dad is currently building me peg board stands on which to display my paintings, and I’m super pumped. He’s quite crafty in the carpentry arts, and what he has done so far is looking great. I’ll look like a professional, like I’ve done this before! So hopefully the aesthetic of my booth will bring people my way.

I really don’t know what to expect with this craft fair, but as I said I’m optimistic. My dad’s friend, amateur artist Mark Compton, has done a few (outdoor) craft fairs and gave me some advice. “Talk to everyone. It’s sometimes hard to get people to even look at your stuff, and you may have to come up with stuff to get them to look. But if you’re outgoing and aggressive then you can get some viewers at least.”

Put things in perspective for me. But I’m hoping my scarves will entice people to come up and then the paintings will speak for themselves. Or not. I’m good with talking to everyone about my art as well.

Anyway, I’m just really excited for Sunday and I hope it goes well!


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