Chaos Becomes You

Chaos Becomes You, oil on canvas

After accidentally creating multiple figures in paintings I decided to give a go at purposefully creating figures in my abstract paintings.

My figures ranged from stoic to exuberant. With this attempt, I wanted chaos. I wanted the figures to blend in and stand out all at the same time. I wanted them to be dancers, gracefully blowing in the wind and excitedly jumping for joy.

I chose to make this painting on three canvases to really activate the space in the painting and that around it. I wanted them to need each other but be able to stand alone.

I wanted contrasting colors, contrasting lines, and contrasting thicknesses of paint.

Before I even started I took pencil to paper and came up with a sketch of what I thought this painting could look like on these three canvases. This was to ensure that the arrangement of the figures would work together.

After several drafts I landed on one I liked. The manifestation is above as Chaos Becomes You.

I like this title because it can be taken two ways. 1) The chaos is now inside of you and as you dance it is released. 2) The chaos is becoming on you- it makes you a sight to behold.

At first I only thought of the second explanation of the title. This chaos makes you beautiful. But after I came up with it and realized it could be taken multiple ways I liked it even more.


3 thoughts on “Chaos Becomes You

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