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Meaningful Art & Artists

My senior year of college I was required to write a very long paper explaining my ethics and applying them to an argument of what ethics should encompass a specific topic.We were told to focus on our field of study to make it easier.

My topic ended up being art since I didn’t feel like writing about the ethics of writing. This forced me to choose a set of ethics for artists. The basis of my argument was that artists are responsible to their viewers.

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Setting Sky

Setting Sky, acrylic and hot glue on canvas

This painting was created based on an assignment in one of my painting classes. “Get creative, make something abstract, use new materials.”

So I brought a hot glue gun into class. I also wanted to see what would happen if I tried putting it on a canvas. I wanted to see how it would react being mixed with paint (at this time I only used acrylic paint).

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Disconnected, oil on canvas

I recycle canvases.

I go to garage sales and estate sales and I buy old canvases. They often already have a painting on them, and they are often framed.

I take these canvases home (that are monumentally cheaper than new canvases from a store) and I paint on them. Sometimes I gesso over the old painting to hide it, but sometimes I just go to town and the old painting informs my new one.

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Fester, oil on canvas

My paintings are meant to express emotions. To me, the emotion expressed in Fester is very clear. And if it isn’t just from looking at it, check out the title.

It is an open wound, a sore, and it is festering.

Up until my junior year of college I never had a reason to fester. Life, although generally boring, was fine. No real drama and no (real) reason to be upset.

But then it happened. My most dramatic moment. My first college boyfriend broke up with me and a few weeks later was dating my best friend and roommate. The most dramatic part being that they initially lied to me about it.

I was angry and upset and I began to fester in my awful feelings.

Fester¬†was created over two years after that whole debacle. I was more than over the situation and onto a new beau, but after this painting was finished and I saw what I had created those memories and feelings came to mind. I wasn’t transported back and I didn’t feel the way I had before, but I remembered very vividly how I had felt. What it was like to fester in anger and pain.

And I liked it.

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