Go With Your Gut

abstract acrylic painting
Go With Your Gut, acrylic on canvas

Abstract art is my favorite. To look at and created.

This wasn’t always the case. I used to want my art to be realistic. Then my desire for photo-realism almost drove me insane so I gave up. Not on art, just on realism.

My senior year of college with my senior portfolio theme looming over me, I decided to continue down the abstract path.

I started by mixing a few colors – the dark red, the peach, the orange- and then I went to town. Overall this painting is dark, but there are many highlights in various colors. I wanted this piece to be chaotic and different from anything else I’d made at the time.

Instead of planning out every stroke or drawing a sketch in my notebook beforehand, I chose the colors and began. This was new to me, but as I painted I found I liked the process.

All I had to worry about was brush stroke size and line and color placement, instead of worrying about proportions and making my drawing and painting match. It was liberating to entirely go with my gut and work on instinct on a painting.

Go With Your Gut was my first 100% abstract painting. And I’d say it was a success.

Far and away, Go With Your Gut has been people’s favorite of my paintings. At almost every craft fair or art show I’ve attended, most people comment on this painting.

To finish my senior portfolio I continued to plan paintings and make sketches, but in the two years since I graduated this has stopped. Instead of taking days or weeks to plan a painting I simply mix some colors and get started.

This has made painting even more fun and calming for me than it was in the past. And it has led me to (just now) create a new motto: Go with your gut and let the paint guide you.



3 thoughts on “Go With Your Gut

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