Mirror, Mirror

abstract oil painting on recycled framed canvas
Mirror, Mirror; oil on recycled canvas

 Happy Accidents

In my creative journey I have largely left behind my planning ways. As in, I don’t stare at my sketch book for hours trying to figure out each minute detail of my next painting. Usually, I just pick a few colors and start painting. Everything else that happens is either a happy accident or artist’s intuition.

Mirror, Mirror is the perfect example of this style of painting that I have adopted since finishing school.

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Red & Recycled Canvases

oil painting of a foreign landscape
Red, oil on recycled canvas


After a certain point I wanted to get a bit away from figure painting and focus more on the abstract and landscapes.

Red was painted over a really terrible painting I’d made my sophomore year of college. It was yellow and red and green and gross with these weird bits of texture that didn’t fit at all with the painting. So I painted over it. With the same colors but way better.

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oil painting of a tree and a dancer
Fierce, oil on recycled canvas

I was in this youth group in high school and in the summers we would head out across the country on mission trips to help the less fortunate in different areas. One year my friends and I met some really cool people in another youth group from Tennessee and we all had a grand time.

This one girl, Danielle, told my best friend that she was fierce and there was this whole hand motion associated with it. I don’t remember what I was, but it wasn’t fierce. I’ve never been fierce. Most of my life I have lived worried that things are going to go wrong or worried I will get in trouble somehow.

I want to be fierce, I just don’t know how.

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Chasing the Wind

ink on paper drawing of flowers
Chasing the Wind, ink and pen on paper

While painting is my true passion in the arts, I also really like to draw.

I’ve been a doodler for as long as I can remember, so my notebooks and meeting agendas are covered in lines and swirls and flowers and boxes.

One drawing assignment I had in one of my advanced classes was to take a string dripping in ink and move it around a piece of paper. Then, when the ink had dried, I was to make it into something using a pen. I made several attempts at this assignment, but Chasing the Wind is my favorite one.

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Holding On To You

acrylic painting of figures holding hands
Holding On To You, acrylic on canvas

First, let me say that Twenty One Pilots is currently my favorite band. And that I love their song “Holding On To You.” And also that¬† this painting is definitely named after that song.

That wasn’t the original title, though. It was something along the lines of “Looking Up” or something. Which is also an appropriate title all things considered, it just wasn’t the title I wanted after I realized this painting was definitely more about the figures than what they were looking at.

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