Holding On To You

acrylic painting of figures holding hands
Holding On To You, acrylic on canvas

First, let me say that Twenty One Pilots is currently my favorite band. And that I love their song “Holding On To You.” And also that  this painting is definitely named after that song.

That wasn’t the original title, though. It was something along the lines of “Looking Up” or something. Which is also an appropriate title all things considered, it just wasn’t the title I wanted after I realized this painting was definitely more about the figures than what they were looking at.

I’ve talked before about the time when I went from having a super boring life to, briefly, having a life that could have been on a teen drama like Degrassi. Well, Holding On To You came after that debacle the same as Fester did, just in a very different and more immediate way.

My senior year portfolio was finally coming along nicely when my professors told me I needed bigger pieces to wow the audience that would inevitably come to see my artwork at the end of the year.

As a side note I should tell you that about three weeks before senior year started my current boyfriend asked me out and then about a week after that he was in a near fatal accident. It was really terrible and at first the doctors didn’t know what he would be like afterward because it was a head injury. It was really, really horrible at first, but he was able to come back to school about three weeks late or so and everything eventually resumed to normal.

Flash forward 6 or more months forward and my boyfriend and I were happy and junk and I didn’t know it at the time, but I wanted to make a painting about us. I started on Holding On To You without my relationship in mind, but after I got into the painting I realized that’s what it was about. Us holding on to each other and hoping for the best.

We’ve been together over three years now and even though we’ve experienced many ups and downs we’re still going strong. I gave him this painting when he moved into his first apartment, and when I go over there I like to see it hanging up, reminding me of all the times I held on instead of letting go.


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