Chasing the Wind

ink on paper drawing of flowers
Chasing the Wind, ink and pen on paper

While painting is my true passion in the arts, I also really like to draw.

I’ve been a doodler for as long as I can remember, so my notebooks and meeting agendas are covered in lines and swirls and flowers and boxes.

One drawing assignment I had in one of my advanced classes was to take a string dripping in ink and move it around a piece of paper. Then, when the ink had dried, I was to make it into something using a pen. I made several attempts at this assignment, but Chasing the Wind is my favorite one.

The flower on the left already kind of looked like a flower before I started in with the pen. The flower on the right was more or less a liney-blob of ink that I turned into a flower. The wispy lines in the background made me think of wind, so as I worked on this piece I imagined a field of flowers getting blown around.

After the flowers were done, I could tell compositionally that something was missing. That’s when I added the bumble bees and dandelion seeds. They added more to look at and more to the scene in general.

Neither of the flowers are particularly based on any I’ve ever seen, but they look like flowers all the same. I liked that they were at an angle, making the wind more believable.

I wanted to included something with wind in the title, so I titled it Chasing the Wind after a song of the same name by the band This Providence. It’s a great song. It’s actually kind of a creepy song. In my mind, it’s sung from the perspective of someone’s ex-boyfriend or something who’s super weird and kind of stalkerish.

Nothing matters, I’m just chasing the wind if I can’t have you, darling.”

Sounds cute, right? Well, yeah sure the chorus is cute, but the verses are definitely not. They’re all about how this guy gets into this girl’s house. And he mentions his sin, which doesn’t sound like it would be something good.

You should have known I was dangerous, but fate has a way with these things. Like vultures that circle a carcass were the demons that wait to feed on my sin.”

I still like the title for my drawing though. It’s wistful and, in context of the song, perhaps a bit creepy. But I like that for this painting. It fits because even though I added extra details, the background is still very bare. There’s no real depth to the drawing, which leaves an unfinished and stark look.


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