Zombie Me

charcoal zombie drawing
Zombie Me, charcoal on paper

One year for Halloween in a drawing class I took, my teacher made us draw ourselves as zombies.

Doing realistic works is not my favorite because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and when things don’t look exactly right I get a bit upset.

Thankfully, for this assignment we got to take reality and make it into something else.

I used a mirror to look at and drew the basic shapes of my face and then went to town making myself into a zombie. While probably not all of the injuries are anatomically correct, I had a lot of fun thinking up what I would make next. Skull sticking out, eye all messed up, throat exposed.

Instead of feeling forced into creating something that looked exactly like me I got to create myself in a gross, zombie way. And boy, is it gross.

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Surprise! It’s the Grim Reaper

abstract oil painting on canvas
Reaper, oil on canvas

I really enjoy painting. It’s fun, it’s calming, it’s interesting. But because of the way I’ve started painting, it’s also surprising.

Like for this painting, Reaper, I wasn’t expecting there to be a slender man standing on the right side of the canvas, but after a few short painting sessions I found him creepily pointing right there.

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What’s in a Name?

As I mentioned in my last post, most of the time it’s really easy for me to title my paintings. I just give it a look and whatever stands out, whatever word or phrase pops into my head, becomes the title.

Sometimes, it’s a bit more difficult than that, though. Sometimes my paintings will go months without having a name. They’ll sit in a corner or be hung up on a wall, unnamed and rather sad looking until the time comes when I can finally give them a name.

There are other times when I’ll title a painting and then a few months later I’ll notice something else about it or just decide I no longer like the title and I’ll come up with a new one. Holding On To You was originally titled Looking Up and Disconnected had several previous titles, none of which expressed the meaning of the painting as well as the final title.

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Creativity & Shadows

framed abstract oil painting
Shadows, oil on recycled canvas


As I move further and further away from planning my paintings, I find that while I’m painting I focus more and more on color. I want each color to balance and contrast with the others. I want to see subtle brush strokes within each color. I want to see large and small sections of each color. I want to see each color represented an odd number of times (preferably 3). I want the colors to tell a story they way my figures do in other paintings.

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In the Spotlight

oil painting of a falling figure
Spotlight, oil on canvas

I think (most) people have a dichotomy within them, two sides that are conflicting to take over. One is the side that wants everyone to notice them and to love them (like celebrities) and the other side is the private side that doesn’t particularly want to be noticed most of the time.

And wouldn’t you know it? Almost every time you get noticed by a large crowd its at a time when you really don’t want to.

Maybe it isn’t that often, but it’s quite a bit. At least for me. And it’s embarrassing and nerve-wracking and unpleasant.

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