How I Found Myself in Painting

Sometimes a painting is really easy to do and takes very little tie to make. I once completed an oil painting that I adore in less than an hour. I was in the zone and I had the colors ready and it barely took any time to complete at all.

Other times painting is really difficult and takes forever to complete. Right now I’m trying to complete a painting that my grandma commissioned but it’s taking me forever to get it done.

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The Story of the Pink Elephant Painting

Last year, in June or so, my cousin told me that if I was going to get her anything for Christmas I should just paint her a pink elephant. I thought it was a cute idea so I agreed.

She told me in June.

On January 2 (the day we were to celebrate Christmas with my father’s side of the family), at around 11 AM, I realized I had not yet painted that pink elephant.

On Black Friday I had gone out to Michaels and gotten a canvas board on which to paint said pink elephant, but suddenly we were leaving in less than 2 hours to go to my cousins’ house and I had not even started painting yet.


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Abstraction & Emotion

abstract oil painting
Abstraction, oil on canvas

When I was a child and wanted to be an artist I definitely thought I would be a realistic artist. It didn’t take me very long, though, to realize I didn’t have the patience to painstakingly practice the art of realism.While I enjoyed drawing eyeballs and other realistic images, I never got the hang of putting it all together to draw a person or landscape.

I think now, with my years of high school and college education under my belt, I have a better handle on realism. Things may not turn out perfectly awesome all the time but I can paint in a realistic manner. (Maybe that was part of the problem – I was drawing as a child instead of painting).

Overall, I think I just don’t like realism all that much. People who can proficiently paint life-like images are talented and inspiring, I just don’t want to be one of them. I’d rather have my paintings remind you of something you like or something you’ve felt.

So while I may claim to paint people or landscapes, they may not actually look like them. Or my art may be completely abstracted, full of different colors and brushstrokes like in Abstraction above.

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