The Color I Paint with The Most

Color is perhaps the most important part of any painting. While the brush strokes, canvas, and overall composition of the painting are important, the color stands out the most and in my opinion is the part the speaks most to viewers.

No matter what color scheme is chosen for a painting – whether cool colors, complimentary colors, or even black and white – the right colors will make the painting perfect, will make it speak to those who see it.

Different colors will evoke different responses, especially depending on the colors you put near each other. There is one color that I use in almost every painting because it is very vibrant and because it works well with just about everything.

My Favorite Color

Teal is the best color ever. The perfect mixture of blue and green, it goes with everything and comes in a billion shades. It can be dark and mysterious or light and cheery. It’s the perfect accent color for any painting, but it’s not the color I use the most.

While I love teal, I try to use it sparingly in my paintings. It’s like savoring a small dessert or only wearing a certain pair of earrings for special occasions – it’s special so you don’t want too much of it.

A Color I Don’t Love but Use a Lot

Orange has never really been a color that I thought I liked all that much. It’s bright and vibrant, but I was never particularly drawn to it. Since I’ve started painting more and more I’ve come to find that I use orange a lot. As I said, it’s nice and bright, but it’s also the perfect complement for greens and goes great with reds and yellows.

Most of my paintings have some derivative of orange in them, and while I never thought it would be a color I used all that much, it’s been a great part of my color scheme.

The Most Used Color Is…

The winner of the most used color in just about every single one of my paintings is called alizarin crimson. Kind of red, kind of pink, it is perhaps the most versatile color in my repertoire. I put alizarin crimson on almost every single one of my paintings.

It comes out of the tube pretty dark, but it can brighten to a pretty pink when mixed with white, and it makes a beautiful orange when mixed with yellow. When you add alizarin crimson to blue it makes a dark purple, and it’s great complementary color for different shades of green.

The Many Uses of Alizarin Crimson

Scrolling through my paintings you’ll find that most have a some shade of red in them – this comes from alizarin crimson, not the typical red color you think of. In my opinion, standard reds don’t have the same richness of color that you get with alizarin crimson. It’s richer, darker, and adds a more vibrant feel to my paintings.

Alizarin crimson is definitely not my favorite color but it is definitely the color I use most in paintings. I figured that I’d use my favorite the most but as I said before, it’s more something to savor than to use in abundance.

Choosing colors for any painting is very important, and while there are many to choose from I most often use alizarin crimson. It’s a very useful color that adds a lot to each of the paintings I use it in.



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