Featured Artists: Nicole Thomsen, Black Smoke Station

My friend Nicole Thomsen is an amazing artist. She recently moved to Texas where she works as an instructor at a beer and wine painting place. On the side, she also has her own budding business. Called Black Smoke Station, Nicole paints canvas, windows, furniture and other items. She takes commissions and also provides original art that she sells at craft fairs.

She also dabbles in creating shelving, hand-painting thank you cards, and creating homemade bath bombs. Nicole can pretty much do it all, and as I already said she’s an amazing artist.

Nicole’s Art

While we were in college her art was primarily abstract, using bright colors and different brush strokes to create eye-enchanting works of art.She’s always had an amazing eye for color, and every time she unveiled a new painting I was wowed.

original painting by Nicole Thomsen
Portabella, oil on 3 particle boards

She’s always had a knack for painting on unconventional surfaces like particle board and doors, which has probably helped her in her new business.

Nicole’s Business

For her blooming business, Nicole has moved on to painting very life-like animals with a twist. She portrays realistic animals with realistic lighting, shape, and texture but she (most often) uses a wide range of colors that may not be quite natural for say a chicken or a pig. She adds layers of paint to create a lot of depth in her work, and on many paintings she adds creative little accents to highlight certain parts of the animal and to help the viewer’s eye move around the painting.


Nicole also paints landscapes and refurbishes old furniture. Check out her Facebook page, and if you like what you see you should contact her! She can create something per your request or design a completely original painting for you!



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