Inspirational Artists- Claude Monet

I think I paint pretty quickly, but I’m sure I’ve got nothing on the Impressionists. Claude Monet did a series of paintings of the Rouen Cathedral, each painting attempting to capture a different moment in time – each painting of the exact same angle, capturing a different light from the sun. He would sit there at, say, 5 AM to paint super quickly before the light changed. Then again at 7 AM the next day, and Noon later that day, and at dusk, and on and on. So much effort to paint a building. To capture a┬ámoment.

I have no idea how he did this, as I struggled to imitate his process with a camera my senior year.

While my art history education was lacking for some time, I always knew I liked Claude Monet. Continue reading


Hate Is a Strong Word

But I really, really, really don’t like you

Sometimes I straight up hate what I paint. I keep trying and trying but no matter what I do, I can’t help but think the thing I created sucks. I talked a bit about this the first time I introduced Purple Storm, but the painting I’m about to discuss deserves it’s own post. Continue reading

Broken Promises

Up until college I didn’t really have much drama in my life. There were two incidents with my two best friends, one in middle school and one in high school, but I wasn’t at the center of either of those. It took until college for me to have my own real drama.

I think it was probably inevitable in college. Small campus where everyone knew each other, plus we were all crammed into tiny dorm rooms together.

Anyway, my drama started with my boyfriend breaking up with me. Typical, yes, but that’s how it was. We broke up and I was sad and then drama happened afterwards. Continue reading

Storms and Such

Towards the end of my senior year of college I stopped trying to plan every step of my paintings. Because of this, my more recent art is more focused on color and how different colors relate to each other. I’m not so focused on the subject of my art. I usually just go with my gut and see what comes of it. So my abstract art is about color. Continue reading

Re-Do:Why I Paint Over Old (and not so old) Paintings

As I may have mentioned before, the original theme for my senior portfolio project was emotions made visible as little light flowers. Sometimes those light flowers turned out well, and they actually appeared to express something. Sometimes they didn’t. When that happened, I would either put it aside (if it were on paper) or cover it up (if it were on canvas).

That’s sort of been my life with art. I either love something and want to hang it up right away, or there’s this intense sense of nagging each time I look at the artwork that makes me want to change it. To get rid of the nagging, I either can’t stop working on it or I immediately stop working on it and don’t go back to it for months.

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From the Imagination

While I may be a relatively creative person, creating images from my mind has never been my strong suit. I used to want to do realistic work, but after I realized how much work it took I pretty much gave that up.

It has always been easier for me to use intuition to create abstractions than it has to create something realistic. Every once in a while I’ll combine the two to create something abstract but recognizable.

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