Broken Promises

Up until college I didn’t really have much drama in my life. There were two incidents with my two best friends, one in middle school and one in high school, but I wasn’t at the center of either of those. It took until college for me to have my own real drama.

I think it was probably inevitable in college. Small campus where everyone knew each other, plus we were all crammed into tiny dorm rooms together.

Anyway, my drama started with my boyfriend breaking up with me. Typical, yes, but that’s how it was. We broke up and I was sad and then drama happened afterwards. “Broken Promises” was a painting I did at the time about my feelings. Two figures, backs to each other, who are feeling two very different things.

The blue figure is sad with its head down, while the red figure is stoic and straight-backed. It was how I envisioned myself and my ex at the time. I think it’s pretty standard for most breakups. One person is always more upset than the other. Like that one song,

While I’m wide awake she’s no trouble sleeping
‘Cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even, even, no

I probably would have listened to that song a lot at the time if I’d know about it, or if it was even out at the time. Instead I binge-listened to Paramore’s self titled album. But that’s another story.

“Broken Promises is meant to express the feelings that “Breakeven” does. Sometimes the sad person is blindsided, sometimes they see it coming. Doesn’t matter which. Someone always initiates the breakup and someone is always sad about the loss.

The sadness sucks, but eventually you get over it and move on and you’re happier than ever. At least that’s what happened for me, and I think it can happen to anyone.


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