Abstract Expressionism

The first painting class I ever took was during the second semester of my sophomore year of college. As was appropriate for an intro class, my teacher, Dana Zier, was really good about teaching us the fundamentals.

We primarily focused on realism, looking at how light reflected off of objects, how to create fabric that looks realistic by adding highlights and shadows, how to make flat objects appear curved, how to get the perspective right.

As far as realism goes, I wasn’t bad at it. For the most part I enjoyed it (Especially when we got to paint fabric. For some reason I loved it.) but it never really felt like my thing.  Continue reading


Common Elements

As I’ve mentioned, I try to paint intuitively. Not much planning goes into the process other than choosing the canvas, the colors, and the brushes I’ll use.

In spite of this or maybe because of it, I tend to use many common elements in my paintings. Colors, brush strokes, drips, masses of color contrasted by light backgrounds. Sometimes my paintings look like they’re parts of a whole, but I generally don’t mean to make series of paintings. Continue reading