It’s All in the Details

I’ll admit, there are parts of my works that look great because of happy accidents or fortuitous situations, like the paint dripping just so or mixing just right. But a lot of effort goes into it on my part, ensuring the paint drips where I want and mixes how I like it.

This post is about some of my favorite details from Trying to Find You.

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A triptych is a painting (or other work of art) made on three separate canvases (or whatever surface you prefer). Sometimes each canvas has an individual look, with it’s own completely separate image on it, but sometimes all three canvases work together to create a larger image.

I’ve made a few triptychs over the years, and they usually go along with the latter idea of creating one large image. The first one I made was in college. It was called Setting Sky, and it was on three small canvases, probably 3″ x 6″ or so. I used acrylic paint and hot glue on it. My process wasn’t thought out at all. I just went for it.

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