It’s All in the Details

I’ll admit, there are parts of my works that look great because of happy accidents or fortuitous situations, like the paint dripping just so or mixing just right. But a lot of effort goes into it on my part, ensuring the paint drips where I want and mixes how I like it.

This post is about some of my favorite details from Trying to Find You.

Going through a Portal

I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on in this painting. In my mind, there are two figures trying to reach each other in some way, but they can’t. The pink figure looks to me like it’s being sucked into some sort of portal or something.

detail 1
An up-close view of where the red figure begins

This is one of my favorite parts of the canvas. I love how light and wispy this figure begins. It’s probably the most science fictiony my art gets, but I think it’s interesting. What’s happening to that figure? Where is it being transported? Why is this going on in the first place?

I have no idea, but if you do, let me know!

Mixing Colors… Or Not

Sometimes I take time and mix my paint before I get started. Sometimes I mix my paint as I make my brushstrokes on the canvas. Sometimes I don’t really mix my paint at all. The below detail is an example of me not really mixing the paint. I mixed the teal before I started painting, but I left the alizarin crimson raw. I love how dark and light it can be at the same time without adding anything to it.

detail 2
Detail of the center canvas

Where it’s thinner, it’s a lighter color, but in the thick spots it extremely dark. Some colors wouldn’t do that, like yellow or certain hues of blue. The crimson does it so well that I just couldn’t bare to change it on the painting.

I’m Cheap, So My Paint Is Usually Thin

If I haven’t said this before, teal is my favorite color. Blue used to be, but at some point in my adult life I realized the error of my ways. There’s just something magical about teal, when it has the perfectly balanced ratio of blue to green. It can be mesmerizing.

detail 3
Detail image of some texture I added

For this detail, I like how the color transitions from blue to teal to an almost-green shade of teal. Plus, I like the extra texture I added. It’s not huge, it’s not domineering, but it’s making its case for existing.

Look What’s Under There

Under where?

Most people wouldn’t even look at the bottom edge of the canvas, but with the painting directly above my couch I have a tendency of looking up at it.

detail 4
Close-up of the bottom of the canvas

Some of my favorite parts of many of my paintings come from the drips that I create. While I can’t always get them to go exactly where I want to, it’s fun and exciting to see where they end up.

Trying to Find You is one of my favorite paintings I’ve ever done because of all of the little details I added along the way. I like that it’s three canvases telling one story, but (in my opinion) they could each stand alone without a feeling of incompleteness. I like the colors and the shapes and the story these canvases are telling.

Is one of the details above your favorite too, or is there something else you like better? Let me know in the comments section! 


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