Lost and Found

Over the years I’ve participated in several art shows, some in college and some after. I’ve sold a few paintings over this time (half of them to my grandma), but I’d like to sell more. Not that I want to part with my paintings, but selling my paintings means people other than me and my parents like them, which is a nice little validation that’s more meaningful than when people say, “You’re so talented,” and then keep walking by.

In May I’ll be participating in my first art showing in about two years. I’m excited and nervous, so I thought I’d briefly go over my history at other art shows.

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Emotional Paintings and Stuff

I’m all about painting images that emote something. I wouldn’t say I paint what I’m feeling, at least not anymore, I just paint emotions in general.

I want viewers looking at my art to see something in them. The calm before the storm, the rage inside, whatever. I just want you to look at my paintings and feel something or remember something you felt, whether or not it matches what I was thinking/feeling while I painted it.  Continue reading