The Problem(s) with Artist Statements

I’ve always loved to draw and doodle, and I really love to paint. I find it fun and cathartic and interesting. I think that doing art of any kind, from painting to crafting and everything in between, is great for anyone.

However, if you cross into the more professional realm of art (which I probably actually haven’t), you’ll be required to do more than enjoy your process. You’ll have to come up with reasons you do everything you do, in the form of an artist statement.

While I think that knowing the reason you’re doing something is a good thing, I don’t really like to talk about myself (which begs the question–why do I keep blogging?).  Continue reading


New Perspective

It can be easy to get stuck doing the same thing over and over, whether at work or in your hobbies. With painting, I found I was being a bit lazy with how I was displaying my work.

You may remember this painting from a few posts ago, while it was still in progress.

big canvas
work in progress

Even after I finished painting, something felt wrong. I liked the colors and the lines, but something seemed off. So, rather than putting brush to canvas once more, I decided to turn the canvas.  Continue reading

Triangles are Totally Tubular

I like alliteration. And I like triangle canvases. There’s just something about painting on a surface with fewer than four sides, something fun and exciting.  And something complicated and a bit confusing. I have had a lot of fun painting on triangular and circular canvases, but usually it takes a while to get there. For some reason, getting started is extremely difficult.

There’s just something very (exciting and) unnerving about painting on a non-rectangular shape.  Continue reading

Hoping Hopefully Hopeful

There was this one time, in college, when I thought I was totally going to be able to sell a bunch of paintings without a whole lot of work. I had my senior art show on display at school for less than a week, and I sold 3 whole paintings. It was amazing. One was to my professor and adviser, but the other two were to a complete stranger (who was also a professor, just not one I’d had).

After that, I was like, “Okay cool. As long as I’m showing my art people will buy it.”

Now when I look back all I can think is, “LOL I am dumb.”

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