New Perspective

It can be easy to get stuck doing the same thing over and over, whether at work or in your hobbies. With painting, I found I was being a bit lazy with how I was displaying my work.

You may remember this painting from a few posts ago, while it was still in progress.

big canvas
work in progress

Even after I finished painting, something felt wrong. I liked the colors and the lines, but something seemed off. So, rather than putting brush to canvas once more, I decided to turn the canvas. 

I’m sure Panic! At the Disco would agree that this painting wanted to be viewed from a new perspective. I tried it in all directions, but only one made the painting feel complete.

Shift, oil on canvas

I thought about titling this piece after a wave, since it’s kind of beach-y and the big blue thing in the middle looks like a wave to me, but calling it Shift just seemed right since all it took was a small shift and everything seemed clear!

A Revelation

Sometimes I get stuck with keeping a canvas in the same direction I painted it in, but with abstract art that’s totally not necessary. After a while of working on something, I just get used to how it looks and where each stroke is located.

When something doesn’t feel right, though, it’s a great option to just shift the canvas rather than adding more paint, which could ruin the integrity of what was already created!

In life and in painting, sometimes it’s nice to get a new perspective. This painting helped remind me of that.


Shift will be for sale at my upcoming art show in May! I’m getting so excited!


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