Selling (Or Not)

A week after the craft fair. It went fine. I made some money but didn’t sell any paintings. Some people looked at them and admired them, though. So that was cool at least.

It’s a little sad no one bought my art. That’s really why I was there, but it was a craft fair after all. Who looks for “fine art” at a craft fair? Probably no one, or almost no one. So I get it. But I just really want to sell my art.

And that’s a big step for me. When I first started painting I never wanted to sell anything. I couldn’t imagine parting with my paintings that I spent so much time creating. But then I sold my first painting and I got over it. It actually instilled in me the desire to sell instead of horde my art and keep it all to myself. I love my art and I want other people to love it too. Which is why it’s sad when people didn’t buy it and continue to not buy it. I should probably create an Etsy account.

Anyway, I’m not too disappointed though. I’d still like to go to another craft fair, preferably one with some more foot traffic. I was there five hours and there were a tops of 100 people who showed up to the fair as a whole, not even my booth. So if there are more people attending there is a higher chance of me selling things, hopefully a painting or two included.

But it was good experience and definitely not a waste of time. I almost did another this weekend as well, but I had to get a sales tax license thing and I didn’t have time to do that with the holiday so I missed out. And I heard it’s a good one to sell at. But hopefully there will be more where I can sell everything.

In other news, my aunt just taught me hour to real knit instead of arm knit, so I’m excited. It takes a lot longer than arm knitting, as well as more concentration. I’ll let everyone know how it goes when I’m done.