Inspirational Artists- Claude Monet

I think I paint pretty quickly, but I’m sure I’ve got nothing on the Impressionists. Claude Monet did a series of paintings of the Rouen Cathedral, each painting attempting to capture a different moment in time – each painting of the exact same angle, capturing a different light from the sun. He would sit there at, say, 5 AM to paint super quickly before the light changed. Then again at 7 AM the next day, and Noon later that day, and at dusk, and on and on. So much effort to paint a building. To capture a┬ámoment.

I have no idea how he did this, as I struggled to imitate his process with a camera my senior year.

While my art history education was lacking for some time, I always knew I liked Claude Monet. Continue reading


Featured Artists: Nicole Thomsen, Black Smoke Station

My friend Nicole Thomsen is an amazing artist. She recently moved to Texas where she works as an instructor at a beer and wine painting place. On the side, she also has her own budding business. Called Black Smoke Station, Nicole paints canvas, windows, furniture and other items. She takes commissions and also provides original art that she sells at craft fairs. Continue reading

Inspirational Artists- Ai WeiWei

Meaningful Art & Artists

My senior year of college I was required to write a very long paper explaining my ethics and applying them to an argument of what ethics should encompass a specific topic.We were told to focus on our field of study to make it easier.

My topic ended up being art since I didn’t feel like writing about the ethics of writing. This forced me to choose a set of ethics for artists. The basis of my argument was that artists are responsible to their viewers.

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